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10 Ways Personal Loans Can Be Used

Satta Sarmah-Hightower
  • Credit
  • 2 minute read

If you’re facing an unexpected car repair, a job opportunity across the country, or a great deal on a dream vacation, you may need to come up with money fast. A personal loan may be a smart solution.

Sourced from: www.nitrocollege.com

Personal loans are versatile credit instruments. Unlike mortgages, auto loans and student loans that are used for a very specific purchase, personal loans have the flexibility of a credit card.  Essentially funds can be used for many purposes.  In this article from Nitro, they offer 10 ways personal loans can be used to improve your life.


1. Veterinary expenses

2. Medical bills

3. Home renovations

4. Wedding arrangements

5. Travel

6. Starting a business


7. Adoption expenses

8. Funeral arrangements

9. Debt consolidation

10. Moving expenses

This list is thorough and useful.  There are other ways that personal loans can be used too.  If you check out our Personal Loan Rate Finder, you will also see other potential uses, including tax payments, purchase of a motorcycle or recreational vehicle purchases.

Before applying for a personal loan, you should be aware of what an unsecured loan is, how they work and what are the inherent risks of taking out an unsecured personal loan.  Additionally, you should consider your credit score.  The rates for these types of loans can vary depending on your personal credit.