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Your Payment History Has an Impact on Your Credit Score – Here’s How to Improve It

Lucy Lazarony
  • Credit
  • 2 minute read

Here’s how to improve your payment history, and ultimately your credit score.

Sourced from: www.wisebread.com

WisePiggy gets questions all the time about whether paying bills on time will help consumers credit.  Our answer is, “it really depends.”


First off, not all bills are created equal when it comes to their impact on your credit score. Certain bill payments, whether paid on-time or paid late, aren’t reported to the nation’s three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.  You can read more about the specific bills in this WisePiggy article.

Furthermore, your payment history is only one of five factors that make up your FICO score and it represents 35% of the weighted average.  So how can a consumer use their bill payments to improve this important piece of their credit score?

To nail that 35%, Wisebread.com proposes a few ways for you to create an excellent payment history.  These are smart WisePiggy ideas and we like them, so we’re sharing them with you here.

  1. Set up all your credit cards on auto-pay
  2. Pay your credit card bills more than once each month
  3. Look for ways to automate your other bills
  4. Institute a weekly financial check-up

Lastly, remember your payment history is one area of your life where you have complete control. Any steps you can take to create a perfect payment history can only work to your advantage.  Get started today!